Excerpts from Satyam Opera with Opera Nova Scotia

"Rooms" from the opera We Three Queens (2016) by ILK composed by Sharon Chohi Kim in the Wild Beast

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles May 13 & 14, 2017 A new performance concerned with the movement of breath in and out of the body through the vector of a new instrument as the primary catalyst. This instrument splits the breath’s production of sound through analog loops as well as a series of temperature sensors that create independent sound based on data. Three musicians improvise with the single instrument, illustrating the symbiotic connection of the body with its surroundings, analog and digital, communication and chaos. The performance is also an examination of the internal’s constant negotiation of external life through language, musicality, mis/connections, labor, and material, all wrought with some humor through fear. Directed/Written by: Jeanine Oleson Performers: Tim Aaron, Scott Cazan, Rachel Higgins, Sharon Kim, and Jeanine Oleson Set design: Rachel Higgins Instrument built by Chuck McAlexander and glass blown at UrbanGlass with Anna Riley.

"Valor Cat" (2015), an animated short by Director and Character Animator Ben Reicher

Music for 18 Musicians (1976) by Steve Reich with Eighteen Squared at Mesa College

Her World for Solo Voice explores "concepts of nostalgia, memory, speech and communication through a child-like compositional aesthetic."                          Composed by Jennifer Ingertila; 2015

Seven Miniatures: Women Poets of China (1998) by Mel Powell; Marilu Donovan - Harp; Written for Susan Allen

Unreal City (2015), a musical adaptation of T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland, conceptualized by Sara Sinclair Gomez

Only The Words Themselves Mean What They Say (2012) by Kate Soper; Flute, Piccolo and Bass Flute - Jennifer Ingertila

"I follow" by Lykke Li cover with food and found household objects